Watching Bourne Legacy & Lockout on Blu-ray

31 12 2012


The Bourne Legacy didn’t make a big impression in its theatrical run and sort of got lost in the whole Superhero mania of 2012. Jeremy Renner punches and shoots his way through lots of people, and Rachel Weisz is there to accompany him. Edward Norton appears and might be the most interesting aspect of this sub-par thriller. My biggest problem with The Bourne Legacy is that it’s way too long (over TWO HOURS!!) The plot wants itself to feel epic and sophisticated, but in the end it was just too complicated and uninteresting for me to care. However, the film still managed to hold my attention to the end with some brilliantly edited action sequences and lots of motocycle revving.

Lockout has the most outrageous car chase I’ve ever seen in a movie. It happens at the beginning of the film and didn’t even last for long, but it was the definitely the best thing in this affectionate sci-fi flick. Guy Pearce is convincing as an action star, probably one of the more grittier ones out there currently. He delivers his cheesy lines with much gusto, and I find it a pity that he isn’t a household name by now. If you think you will be seeing the next Blade Runner, then sorry to disappoint. But if you want to see a genre movie from the Luc Beeson factory, then you’ll probably enjoy Lockout like I did.




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6 01 2013

I rather enjoyed the new “Bourne” flick (I was worried at first because it was missing Matt Damon). I have yet to see “Lockout”, but will do so soon. Happy New Year !!!

6 01 2013

Happy New Year Daniel!

10 01 2013

I have yet to see that new Bourne film but I did catch Lockout recently. I found it to be a decent B-Movie sic-fi film that did not make the mistake of taking itself to seriously.

First time checking out your blog and I enjoyed looking around

10 01 2013

Lockout didn’t take itself too seriously and I didn’t either. Good movie! 😀

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