HyunA – Bubble Pop! – Music Video Review

12 07 2011

HyunA used to be one of the Wonder Girls, but now she’s part of a better Korean girl group called 4Minute. Her new song is titled Bubble Pop!, and it is far more enjoyable than her previous solo outing Change.

Bubble Pop! is a very good looking music video, featuring lots of big scenery and huge skies. The picture really pops out at you, and you are able to get a sense of depth without wearing any irritating 3D glasses. The indoor scenes look good as well, and I like the strong solid colours that give this music video more punch.

The dance of Bubble Pop! is great, but seems to be for girls only (yarly, the male back-up dancers just stop moving at certain points). There is a portion of this choreography that requires you to go down onto the floor, which is certainly fun to watch. The back-up dancers don’t take much attention away from HyunA, but it makes you wonder if any of them will become a K-pop star in the future.

The only problem with this music video is that it cannot decide if it’s supposed to be cute or sexy. I think it wants to do the standard K-pop cutesy act, but mix it with some HyunA sexiness. Does not mix well! If I were in charge, I would have stuck to cute all the way, because after all, this is a cute song. And after after all, if you have seen HyunA outside her performances, then you will know that she’s actually very cute in real life.

I like the overall feel of this music video, and the comic book effects are a nice touch. MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has a shirtless cameo here, which is all I have to say about that. With a good amount of enthusiastic dancing and singing, Bubble Pop! is something HyunA / 4Minute fans can enjoy over and over again.

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5 responses

12 07 2011
The Hook

Well done, good sir!

13 07 2011


14 04 2012
Hillary Zhang

yea,she’s pretty

14 04 2012

… and cute

29 06 2018
Zafer Çakin


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