Best & Worst K-pop of 2012

13 12 2012

IMPORTANT NOTE: These songs were chosen based on and ONLY based on their respective music videos. If a song has more than one music video, only the original version is considered. For this list, I am also including Japanese songs by Korean artists.


Phantom – “Burning”

An unrelenting blast of pure bravado is this year’s gem in a scrapheap of pretentious K-pop.

Secret – “Poison”

This skillfully crafted and juicily sexy noir shows why Secret is K-pop’s best kept secret.

Ji Young – “Wanna Do”

The youngest member of KARA shows off her pop-rock prowess in this beautifully simplistic power ballad.

Big Bang – “Blue”

Juggernaunt boy band BIGBANG never fails to impress both musically and visually with their slick and sharp style.

T-ara – “Day by Day”

Strong Eminem vibes combined with a respectably ambitious music video makes “Day by Day” one of the best rap pieces in recent memory.



Sistar – “Alone”

With a concept so bland and unappealing, you would rather watch grass grow.

Girls’ Generation – “Paparazzi”

Cringe-worthy outfits are just one of the many problems in this unbalanced and over-produced mess.

Girls’ Generation – “Flower Power”

You will not believe SNSD is capable of such low quality material unless you see it for yourself.


In case you missed my Best of K-pop 2011…




9 responses

14 12 2012

Poison and Day by Day are definitely some of the best this year but not appealing as much to me :/ I really loved Catch Me and Volume Up this year as well!

But the SNSD singles you chose were from Japan…wouldn’t it have been best to chose all the songs sung in Korean?

14 12 2012

I love Catch Me and Volume Up too, definitely would be on my list if the list had been a bit longer!

As for the SNSD songs… the problem is, I cannot differentiate Korean and Japanese! But you do have a point. Maybe “Best and Worst from K-pop ARTISTS of 2012” would have been a more appropriate title

14 12 2012

Really?? Perhaps when you add subs when searching for the video, you will notice the difference in words (depending on the video you find) 🙂

15 12 2012

That’s a good suggestion, will try that next time… 😀

15 12 2012

I wish they had a little more explanation lol. I particularly loved SISTAR’s Alone.

16 12 2012

A little more explanation of SiSTAR’s Alone here:
I don’t fancy SISTAR’s songs at all, but I might be convinced if they actually did something good in the future…

15 12 2012

and super junior’s sexy free and single new song

16 12 2012

For Best or Worst? o.O

11 09 2013

Worst definitely

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