Girls’ Generation “I Got A Boy” Music Video Review

1 01 2013


It’s the first day of the year 2013 and already we have a gigantic music video from the booming K-pop factory. Girls’ Generation (aka SNSD) is the insanely popular nine-member girl group who argubly started today’s K-pop craze in the first place. They have been dishing out catchy pop-dance tracks one after another to much fan delight, and I Got A Boy is definitely one of their best works.

The art direction of this music video is marvelous. The sets and outfits all look beautiful, and the girls themselves are absolutely gorgeous. The colourful and spunky hip-hop vibe here feels much more natural and pleasant compared to their other music videos of late. I Got A Boy contains mainly rap, and whoever proposed this idea must have had great guts to drastically move away from SNSD’s usual musical style. This risky move pays off because what we have now is an utterly refreshing exercise that pushes the boundaries of K-pop.

As the SONES (what the fans call themselves) will tell you with fiery passion, these nine ladies (TaeyeonJessicaSunnyTiffanyHyoyeonYuriSooyoungYoonaSeohyunare brilliant singers and dancers, always a joy to watch even if you cannot tell them apart. Everyone has their favourite member and no one gets snubbed here. Each girl gets their own time to step up to the front line and strut her stuff, so big props must be given to the people behind the scenes producing this thing.

Although this new style of Girls’ Generation feels awkward at first, I Got A Boy will suck you in quickly and then never let you go until it’s done. I Got A Boy deserves its place alongside other iconic Girls’ Generation songs like Gee and Genie. This is one song you’ll find hard to forget.





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2 01 2013

“…insanely popular nine-member girl group who argubly started today’s K-pop craze in the first place.” I have to disagree, I believe it started more with idols such as Big Bang, DBSK and Wonder Girls really.

Also I don’t believe the style is awkward but it’s more like they should have pushed the dancers more in front as it suits them the best especially Yuri, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung the most! I’m going to learn this dance as quickly as I can!

By the way, I hope you will also check out and comment on my post about Hopes for 2013, if you have any please share here:

3 01 2013

You are right that Big Bang, DBSK and Wonder Girls all contributed to K-pop. However, if I had to pick just one artist to define this current era of K-pop, it’s gotta be GG for sure…

I feel weird if I label any member as the “dancer” because all 9 of them dance just as well… I think Yoona is in front most of the time because she has the most “young and fresh” face. But hey, everyone has their own theories, heh!

3 01 2013

Ah, I guess you are right about this current era indeed along with Big Bang who are still quite influential. I would also say SHINee would be next. Ah, from what I have heard SONES say they divide members into two groups: “Vocal” and “Dance” so that’s why I said that XD

4 01 2013

Do they really? Feels weird to me since all of them are singing and dancing o.O

3 01 2013

I basically agree with you on this one because I think this is an interesting release by the girls, but I’m still a bit awkward… My thoughts later on when I have gathered them a bit. I really love SNSD and just as you I did not like paparazzi one bit, blaming the reason to this to it being japanese…

4 01 2013

Japanese or not, Paparazzi is still terrible!

4 01 2013

haha I KNOW

4 11 2013
colomba silva sanhueza

me encanta girs generation me gusta la tiffany

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