2Yoon – 24/7 – Music Video Review

17 01 2013


Someone decided to take JiYoon and GaYoon of 4Minute and form a duo called 2Yoon (get it?). Teasers promised a unique twist to K-pop, specifically something to do with country music and apparently showing off 2Yoon’s strong vocals. Unfortunately, their debut music video 24/7 is nothing special.

24/7 is a jumpy, clappy song that wants you to get up and dance along. The problem is, I don’t believe this song is as unique as it thinks it is, or even as catchy as it wants to be. The country imagery is certainly prevalent in this music video, but the song itself doesn’t sound that much different from what you would expect to hear in a K-pop song. In fact, this song reminded me a lot of Wonder Girl’s Like This. Sure, there are lots of people dancing on the phony looking farm, but nothing in this piece is able to connect with the audience.

I urge everyone to watch 2Yoon’s performance on M! Countdown to see how much more powerful they are with Why Not, a rock track off their album. The 2 Yoons are brilliant singers, and 24/7 does not unlock their full potential.





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17 01 2013
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24 01 2013

I agree with your review and ranking. It could have been a good (and perhaps, unique song but when Gayoon started singing, it just became a typical K-Pop song…

OMG Wonder Girls’ Like This was so much better. Don’t even…

The album is much better especially Why Not and Black Swan which should have been lead singles if you ask me!

25 01 2013

Yeah, the other songs in their album are much better than 24/7.

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