Girls’ Generation “I Got A Boy” Music Video Review

1 01 2013


It’s the first day of the year 2013 and already we have a gigantic music video from the booming K-pop factory. Girls’ Generation (aka SNSD) is the insanely popular nine-member girl group who argubly started today’s K-pop craze in the first place. They have been dishing out catchy pop-dance tracks one after another to much fan delight, and I Got A Boy is definitely one of their best works.

The art direction of this music video is marvelous. The sets and outfits all look beautiful, and the girls themselves are absolutely gorgeous. The colourful and spunky hip-hop vibe here feels much more natural and pleasant compared to their other music videos of late. I Got A Boy contains mainly rap, and whoever proposed this idea must have had great guts to drastically move away from SNSD’s usual musical style. This risky move pays off because what we have now is an utterly refreshing exercise that pushes the boundaries of K-pop.

As the SONES (what the fans call themselves) will tell you with fiery passion, these nine ladies (TaeyeonJessicaSunnyTiffanyHyoyeonYuriSooyoungYoonaSeohyunare brilliant singers and dancers, always a joy to watch even if you cannot tell them apart. Everyone has their favourite member and no one gets snubbed here. Each girl gets their own time to step up to the front line and strut her stuff, so big props must be given to the people behind the scenes producing this thing.

Although this new style of Girls’ Generation feels awkward at first, I Got A Boy will suck you in quickly and then never let you go until it’s done. I Got A Boy deserves its place alongside other iconic Girls’ Generation songs like Gee and Genie. This is one song you’ll find hard to forget.




16 06 2012

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TaeTiSeo (TTS) “Twinkle” Music Video Review

2 05 2012

TaeTiSeo (TTS) is the first subgroup of the insanely popular Girls’ Generation (SNSD), consisting of namely TaeYeon, Tiffany and SeoHyun. I cannot think of any concrete reason as to why these three were chosen, but then again, I don’t think any three of Girls’ Generation’s nine members would make a bad subgroup.

What I’ll suggest is, that you take a peak at this music video and see for yourself if you like it or not. Twinkle is a very safe product that doesn’t venture anywhere new. In fact, it reminded me of something Orange Caramel would do. (Orange Caramel is the three-member subgroup of After School.) Twinkle has dazzling sets and gorgeous outfits. The overall look and feel of this music video is just as beautiful as TeaTiSeo themselves. People new to Girls’ Generation will have no problem jumping into this.

TaeYeon is commonly brought up as the best singer in Girls’ Generation, but I think that’s a moot point since all of them are good singers. Even SeoHyun, the youngest of the group, shows off her vocal prowess in this song. Tiffany is the hot favourite among male fans, but I still cannot get past the fact that she looks a lot like 2NE1’s Bom. The song itself has a catchy rhythm, and the tune of the chorus gets stuck in your head. The dance moves are nicely choreographed, so those who like to dance along to K-pop MVs are in for a fun time.

I’m not sure if I will ever get used to the name TaeTiSeo, or if I want more subgroups from Girls’ Generation (actually, I don’t). But since Twinkle turned out to be good, I guess I’m on board… for now.


31 12 2011

Big Bang – “Love Song”

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T-ara – “Roly Poly”

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After School Red – “In The Night Sky”

A.S. RED’s In The Night Sky is impressively stylistic and possesses an ineffable attractiveness.

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 KARA – “Step”

Energetic and vibrant, KARA’s Step will make you want to get up and dance along.

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HyunA – “Bubble Pop”

As uneven as it is, HyunA’s Bubble Pop has lots of enthusiastic dancing and singing you can enjoy over and over again.

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SNSD (Girls’ Generation) – The Boys – Music Video Review

23 10 2011

When The Boys started playing, I was thinking – why does this look like something Lady Gaga would do? And then I realised – oh yeah, this is supposed to play to the American audience. Thankfully, those embarrassing rose petal scenes get more tolerable as they roll along.

SNSD (aka Girls’ Generation)’s “comeback” music video is unlike anything you’ve ever seen from them, but it won’t take long for you to adjust to their new-found style. Our girls are dishing out a hard-edged and fierce attitude, complete with lots of killer stares. The sharp and confident dance moves here are obviously tailored towards the American market, and although the concept works, I do hope SNSD goes back to their Gee/Oh! cuteness someday.

I can’t speak for everyone, but Yoona and TaeYeon are the ones who stand out in this music video (aren’t they always?). Jessica and Tiffany fans have much to look at, including a few electrifying moves. Perhaps newcomers will remember Sunny and her huge red hood because she’s the only one with short hair. The weakest link is probably youngest member SeoHyun, who looks a little different in this music video and has a line which made me cringe.

One thing which strikes me is the abundance of costume changes. As if it’s not difficult enough to tell these “nine angels” apart, now every one of them has various outfits each. Not that it’s a bad thing, but keep in mind that this is the first SNSD encounter for a whole lot of people. I certainly had a hard (impossible) time identifying individual members when I first starting watching SNSD, so I cannot imagine the headache that people are going to have while trying to differentiate the girls in this music video.

Another thing that bothers me is the song’s reliance on voice manipulation, especially with the hook “bring the boys out”. I’m sure lots of people enjoy singing along to their favourite K-pop tracks, but all the bells and whistles in this song might make it a little weird to do so. Furthermore, I am still not convinced that the auto-tune gimmick goes well with SNSD. To be fair, the electronica vibe works far better this time round than in their previous tracks Mr. Taxi and Bad Girl.

In the end, you cannot ignore the fact that SNSD has already become a prevalent piece of Korean pop culture, and will soon be recognised on a global scale. The hype is a tough obstacle to overcome, but SNSD’s genuinity and sharp new direction will satisfy the long-time fans as well as rope in new ones. The Boys gets a well-deserved thumbs up from me.

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SNSD (aka Girls’ Generation): Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun

T-ara’s upcoming MV is 30 minutes + Where the @#$% is my SNSD Blu-ray?

7 10 2011

It has been announced that T-ara’s upcoming music video will be a whooping half hour long. If you asked me, I say the more the merrier. Roly Poly was an extensive music video, and I LOVED it (my review here). Some say it’s nonsensical, but T-ara has always had a slight nonsensical sensibility to their songs. Bo Peep Bo Peep is an obvious example of a nonsensical T-ara song that is enjoyable. Yayaya is another fun track, and T-ara fans will be able to name more.

After watching Roly Poly countless times, I told my friend that Roly Poly should just be made into a feature film. In fact, I’m quite surprised that something like that hasn’t already been done. Sure, there are concert movies like the Super Junior thing and the 2AM thing, but why not make an actual movie with a proper narrative. Roly Poly had so much potential to be expanded into a much greater story, but all we got were a thousand different versions of the same song.

And since I’m already ranting, where the @#$% is my SNSD (Girls’ Generation) Blu-ray? I remember very clearly the announcement that the SNSD Phuket DVD will also have a Blu-ray version, so where the @#$% is it? I hope the SNSD Blu-ray is not false information, because as a Blu-ray fan, I would be very happy to own a SNSD Blu-ray. If any K-pop group were to go Blu first, let it be SNSD.

SNSD (Girls’ Generation) – Bad Girl – Music Video Review

18 08 2011

Mr. Taxi was not good, but Bad Girl is unbelievably not good.

SNSD (aka Girls’ Generation) is the nine member South Korean girl group that is the behemoth of all K-pop girl groups now. Their music video for Gee is the template for all other cutesy girl groups that are striving to become the next big thing. So how did the ladies in Gee get reduced to the ones in Bad Girl? I blame it on the terrible direction from their management.

This music video is so lifeless, it almost put me to sleep. There’s nothing wrong with what the girls are doing, there hasn’t ever been. Our “9 angels” always dance with lots of enthusiasm and dedication, but Bad Girl‘s “sexy” choreography and painfully fake backgrounds look amateurish and destroys any sort of excitement you had when you found out that SNSD had a new music video out.

This is the first time where I actually considered turning off a SNSD music video before it’s finished. SNSD has a brand new Korean album arriving soon which I hope will help them return to full form, but for now, just watch Gee again.