2Yoon – 24/7 – Music Video Review

17 01 2013


Someone decided to take JiYoon and GaYoon of 4Minute and form a duo called 2Yoon (get it?). Teasers promised a unique twist to K-pop, specifically something to do with country music and apparently showing off 2Yoon’s strong vocals. Unfortunately, their debut music video 24/7 is nothing special.

24/7 is a jumpy, clappy song that wants you to get up and dance along. The problem is, I don’t believe this song is as unique as it thinks it is, or even as catchy as it wants to be. The country imagery is certainly prevalent in this music video, but the song itself doesn’t sound that much different from what you would expect to hear in a K-pop song. In fact, this song reminded me a lot of Wonder Girl’s Like This. Sure, there are lots of people dancing on the phony looking farm, but nothing in this piece is able to connect with the audience.

I urge everyone to watch 2Yoon’s performance on M! Countdown to see how much more powerful they are with Why Not, a rock track off their album. The 2 Yoons are brilliant singers, and 24/7 does not unlock their full potential.



Girls’ Generation “I Got A Boy” Music Video Review

1 01 2013


It’s the first day of the year 2013 and already we have a gigantic music video from the booming K-pop factory. Girls’ Generation (aka SNSD) is the insanely popular nine-member girl group who argubly started today’s K-pop craze in the first place. They have been dishing out catchy pop-dance tracks one after another to much fan delight, and I Got A Boy is definitely one of their best works.

The art direction of this music video is marvelous. The sets and outfits all look beautiful, and the girls themselves are absolutely gorgeous. The colourful and spunky hip-hop vibe here feels much more natural and pleasant compared to their other music videos of late. I Got A Boy contains mainly rap, and whoever proposed this idea must have had great guts to drastically move away from SNSD’s usual musical style. This risky move pays off because what we have now is an utterly refreshing exercise that pushes the boundaries of K-pop.

As the SONES (what the fans call themselves) will tell you with fiery passion, these nine ladies (TaeyeonJessicaSunnyTiffanyHyoyeonYuriSooyoungYoonaSeohyunare brilliant singers and dancers, always a joy to watch even if you cannot tell them apart. Everyone has their favourite member and no one gets snubbed here. Each girl gets their own time to step up to the front line and strut her stuff, so big props must be given to the people behind the scenes producing this thing.

Although this new style of Girls’ Generation feels awkward at first, I Got A Boy will suck you in quickly and then never let you go until it’s done. I Got A Boy deserves its place alongside other iconic Girls’ Generation songs like Gee and Genie. This is one song you’ll find hard to forget.


Best & Worst K-pop of 2012

13 12 2012

IMPORTANT NOTE: These songs were chosen based on and ONLY based on their respective music videos. If a song has more than one music video, only the original version is considered. For this list, I am also including Japanese songs by Korean artists.


Phantom – “Burning”

An unrelenting blast of pure bravado is this year’s gem in a scrapheap of pretentious K-pop.

Secret – “Poison”

This skillfully crafted and juicily sexy noir shows why Secret is K-pop’s best kept secret.

Ji Young – “Wanna Do”

The youngest member of KARA shows off her pop-rock prowess in this beautifully simplistic power ballad.

Big Bang – “Blue”

Juggernaunt boy band BIGBANG never fails to impress both musically and visually with their slick and sharp style.

T-ara – “Day by Day”

Strong Eminem vibes combined with a respectably ambitious music video makes “Day by Day” one of the best rap pieces in recent memory.



Sistar – “Alone”

With a concept so bland and unappealing, you would rather watch grass grow.

Girls’ Generation – “Paparazzi”

Cringe-worthy outfits are just one of the many problems in this unbalanced and over-produced mess.

Girls’ Generation – “Flower Power”

You will not believe SNSD is capable of such low quality material unless you see it for yourself.


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Happy Birthday Ji Yoon!

15 10 2012


^ This was when K-pop wasn’t trying to be so darn sexy.

Btw DOUBLE YOON is taking way too long to happen!

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22 08 2012


T-ara “Day by Day” is Awesome!

21 07 2012

T-ara’s Day by Day is Awesome!

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20 06 2012