All Superheroes Must Die – Movie Review

3 02 2013

All Superheroes Must Die (originally known as Vs) is a superhero movie which managed to gain some attention at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Jason Trost, who directs, writes and also stars, made this thing with a next-to-nothing budget, so don’t expect any kind of epic Avengers-esque battles. This is a raw, violent, sadistic, and somewhat captivating superhero flick.

Charge, Cutthroat, The Wall, and Shadow make up our teenage superhero team, Shadow being the only girl. The cast is a no-name lot, but you might recognize Lucas Till who was in Hannah Montana The Movie (yes, I watched it) and X-Men First Class. I like how this film has tiny flashback scenes scattered throughout to create some kind of back story, although I would have preferred it if the film expanded even more on the background of these characters and their relationships. Nevertheless, I was interested in the story and was never bored.

This film is nowhere as explicit as Super or Kick-Ass, but it does get pretty gruesome in one brief scene which I cannot describe without giving away spoilers. And I don’t intend to give away any spoilers because I am recommending All Superheroes Must Die on account of it being a product of passionate film-making.