2Yoon – 24/7 – Music Video Review

17 01 2013


Someone decided to take JiYoon and GaYoon of 4Minute and form a duo called 2Yoon (get it?). Teasers promised a unique twist to K-pop, specifically something to do with country music and apparently showing off 2Yoon’s strong vocals. Unfortunately, their debut music video 24/7 is nothing special.

24/7 is a jumpy, clappy song that wants you to get up and dance along. The problem is, I don’t believe this song is as unique as it thinks it is, or even as catchy as it wants to be. The country imagery is certainly prevalent in this music video, but the song itself doesn’t sound that much different from what you would expect to hear in a K-pop song. In fact, this song reminded me a lot of Wonder Girl’s Like This. Sure, there are lots of people dancing on the phony looking farm, but nothing in this piece is able to connect with the audience.

I urge everyone to watch 2Yoon’s performance on M! Countdown to see how much more powerful they are with Why Not, a rock track off their album. The 2 Yoons are brilliant singers, and 24/7 does not unlock their full potential.



Happy Birthday Ji Yoon!

15 10 2012


^ This was when K-pop wasn’t trying to be so darn sexy.

Btw DOUBLE YOON is taking way too long to happen!

4Minute “Volume Up” M/V Review + Massive Screenshot Gallery

9 04 2012

When I first saw the teasers for Volume Up, I was thinking of how much I missed the high energy 4Minute of Muzik and Hot Issue. That spunky, jumpy vibe seemed to be lost in future works, but that’s not saying I don’t like what 4Minute has evolved into.

Volume Up is like nothing I’ve seen from 4Minute, in fact it looks like something Brown Eyed Girls would do. This music video is dark and gothic with a pinch of erotica thrown in for good measure. I appreciate that the presentation of this piece is kept relatively clean and all the shots flow smoothly. The song itself is not amazing, but at least it isn’t one of those irritating tracks where the same word is repeated over and over again.

Probably the only member known to non-4Minute fans is Hyuna, and she has a lot of screen time here, even getting huge portions of the song to herself. We’ve already seen her in something similar called Trouble Maker, but I think she comes off much better here. Haters give her flack because she is portrayed as slutty and childish in things like the controversial Bubble Pop. But if you’ve seen her outside her performances, then you will know that she’s nothing of that kind.

JiHyun has nice facial features, and I like her solo segment in the bridge. SoHyun is the forgettable one, but her singing is quite good. My favourite member JiYoon gets to show off her strong vocals, but sometimes it felt like she was just screaming, and it became a little unpleasant. There are shots of her and GaYoon towards the end of the music video that seems to be foreshadowing the already-announced “Double Yoon” sub-unit. Colour me extremely excited.

Volume Up is not perfect, but it has more than enough power and style to satisfy the fans and make everyone else curious. Turn the volume way up please.

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31 12 2011

Big Bang – “Love Song”

Vastly different from the usual bubblegum drivel, BIGBANG’s Love Song is an exceptionally well-crafted piece of art.

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2NE1 – “Lonely”

Lonely proves that beneath all the bells and whistles, 2NE1 is no doubt a very talented girl group.

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T-ara – “Roly Poly”

T-ara’s Roly Poly is a captivating tale of friendship and girly fun that transcends different eras of time.

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After School Red – “In The Night Sky”

A.S. RED’s In The Night Sky is impressively stylistic and possesses an ineffable attractiveness.

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 KARA – “Step”

Energetic and vibrant, KARA’s Step will make you want to get up and dance along.

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HyunA – “Bubble Pop”

As uneven as it is, HyunA’s Bubble Pop has lots of enthusiastic dancing and singing you can enjoy over and over again.

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Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker – Music Video Review

6 12 2011

When I first heard that Hyun Seung of Beast (B2ST) and HyunA of 4Minute would form a duo called Trouble Maker, I never really got excited about it. The sexy and dangerous concept found in the teasers have already become so common in recent K-pop that it’s nothing special anymore.

This song attempts to have an addictive and unique tune but I cannot remember what it sounds like. The only thing I recall is HyunA’s rap and some of her sexy moves which may very well be this song’s saving grace. Hyun Seung splashes out some slick moves of his own, but he isn’t as eye-catching as HyunA. I am willing to go out on a limp and say that this song would have turned out far better if it were just HyunA performing it. Come at me, Beast fans.

In the end, it’s much better if the two of them just stick with their own respective groups, but that’s not for me to decide is it. Trouble Maker looks good on paper, but it still needs some redrafting.

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4Minute – Ready Go – Music Video Review

16 11 2011

I’m all ready to go.

4Minute’s music video of Ready Go gives me the 4Minute that I love. This is a fast paced, sexy affair which might make your heart skip a beat. The dance choreography is great, and these five girls can shake it with enough power and energy to make you want to get up and dance along. The tune of the song is catchy, and sounds good even without the video.

I must give huge props to the people behind the scenes for creating such a gorgeous looking music video. Each member gets an equal amount of screen time, all the shots flow well, and the locations give the picture more depth. But perhaps the best aspect of this music video is the multiple sets of outfits that gives this song more attitude.

Ready Go is not mind-blowing, but it’s very close. 4Minute fans will most definitely love this music video, and others will probably get a kick out of it too.

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4Minute – Heart to Heart (Japanese Version) – Music Video Review

18 08 2011

How does the Japanese version of 4Minute’s Heart to Heart stack up against the Korean original? I think it’s a little bit better, which surprised me because none of 4Minute’s Japanese music videos have been better than their Korean counterparts.

The storyline involving that CN Blue dude you saw in the Korean version is not here, but that’s okay because this new version is very well shot and all the colours are very well photographed. Everything looks polished and clean, almost popping out of the screen at times.

The outfits in this music video are among the best I have seen on the five girls (JiHyun, SoHyun, Hyuna, GaYoon, JiHyun), and their singing and dancing are excellent as well. JiYoon has a good chunk of screen time here, which seems to be a hinting towards a solo outing in the near future. (Yay!)

The only negative thing I can say about this music video is that the occasional camera rotating is irritating and makes you dizzy. Whether you are a 4Nia or not, the Japanese Version of Heart to Heart is a very friendly and enjoyable 4 minutes.