Watching Prometheus on 3D Blu-ray!

27 10 2012

I cannot watch Prometheus in 3D because I don’t have a 3D TV, but I watched in on 2D Blu-ray and it looks and sounds great in hi-def. The movie itself is only marginally good, perhaps much better enjoyed if you are a die-hard fan of director Ridley Scott (And his “boring” style). The beginning and middle of Prometheus is extremely sci-fi-ish with spaceships and space suits, but you don’t get to see the aliens until later on. The CGI of the landscapes looks beautiful and very believable but some of the aliens look quite fake, which is a pity since it destroys the mysterious and eerie tone that Ridley Scott creates so well. The final scene of this restless Alien redux is a tasty bone thrown to the fanboys, but non-fans will be left scratching their heads. So if you just love (and I really mean love) your Alien movies, Prometheus is well worth the sit-through at least once.




4 responses

27 10 2012

I love sci fi, and I definitely going to watch that. Thanks for the info ! !

28 10 2012

I love sci fi too! You are welcome!!

30 10 2012
The Hook

What a great “non-prequel”!

3 11 2012

It’s also a “non-remake”!

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