The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review

21 07 2012

The Dark Knight Rises is the concluding chapter of the Batman Begins/The Dark Knight trilogy and it sure ends this series on an epic and memorable note. Director Christopher Nolan creates a hauntingly realistic and brutal world for us to experience this war/crime drama, but yet manages to incorporate certain light-hearted and sci-fi-ish moments to keep the story in line with its comic book origins.

And wow, this film gave me the goosebumps. Christopher Nolan’s storytelling style is slick, tight, intense, and brings across the theme of the film effectively. Those saying that Nolan doesn’t know how to direct action will be surprised because The Dark Knight Rises contains lots of exciting car chases and hard-hitting fight scenes. The down-and-dirty fist fight between Batman (Christian Bale) and main villain Bane (Tom Hardy) in the sewers is emotionally devastating and absolutely heart-breaking. When Bane [SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER], I felt my own heart getting hammered as well.

With The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man still fresh in audience’s minds, you would think that people are starting to get sick of superhero movies. Fortunately, the studios making these things know what they are doing (Green Lantern not included) and it seems like the superhero genre is the hottest thing in cinema now. As an avid comic book fan, I could not be happier.




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21 07 2012

I’m so catching this movie later for Anne Hathaway !

21 07 2012

She does a lot of crazy stunts in this movie O.O

21 07 2012
Grande Falcone

Glad you enjoyed it! I just got home from it and will publish my review tomorrow.

21 07 2012

I shall look out for that.

21 07 2012

This film had me from start to finish and that was just exactly what I wanted, especially from the last installment in this perfect trilogy. It’s going to be a shame not seeing Christopher Nolan doing Batman flicks anymore, but maybe this will allow him to pull off some more original flicks like The Prestige and Inception. Look forward to his future. Good review Ipodman.

22 07 2012

Yeah I’m sure Nolan will continue to make great movies, Batman or not.

29 07 2012

As I say in my review, it’s a perfect ending to an already amazing trilogy. I honestly don’t care what the reboot has in store for us, this will be the greatest comic book franchise that’s ever existed. The Avengers was great, but it won’t compare to this!

30 07 2012

I like The Avengers more than this O.O

4 08 2012
Your Best Friend

This is way better than The Avengers ok!!

4 08 2012

The Avengers is way better ok!!

15 08 2012

While I think TDKR is technically a better film than The Avengers, I think I enjoyed the latter a little bit more.

Disappointed with Nolan’s latest. First two are some of my favourite films, but the finale feels like it struggles a bit to find its footing. Brilliant ideas get lost in an editing style that’s way to quick, with a lot of incredible material being shoehorned into time-lapse montages..

It’s clear a lot was cut, and with an original script of over 400 pages, I can see why. My guess is that Nolan’s ambitious approach topped the earlier films on the page, but he was unable to translate that into the screen. Felt like he was fighting against a running time that was set in stone by necessity (IMAX reels run two hours and forty-five minutes MAX).

That’s my take, at least.

17 08 2012

If you were disappointed by The Dark Knight Rises, and you enjoyed The Avengers a little bit more, does that mean you didn’t like The Avengers all that much either? o.O

1 09 2012

Not really. It’s the expectations game. I expected the quality of the first two films from TDKR. It was a cut below. Still very good, but not as incredible as the others. On the other hand, I expected The Avengers to be average, but it ended up blowing my expectations away. Both films ended up rising to around the same level, but my expectations give me very different perspectives on the success of each.

At the end of the day, I’d give each a 3.5 out of 4, but I’m a lot less happy with the way TDKR turned out.

1 09 2012

Ah, I get what you mean.

I’m totally satisfied with how TDKR turned out, I could sense the director’s vision in the film and that’s what’s important to me.

22 08 2012
The Focused Filmographer

sooooooo…did you like it? haha! I am glad that this one impressed you. It had me from beginning to end as well.

22 08 2012

Yeah it impressed me by impressing me.

22 09 2012

Oh, wow, really surprised about your review. I will write mine today and publish it within the next few days, but to be upfront: I was extremely disappointed by this.

I expected Catwoman to disappoint me the most – because I am such a fan of Michelle Pfeiffer’s catwoman – but that was actually what I felt was done quite nicely. But the rest? Oh my lord, what a mess.

From the issue that Thalia Ghul’s motivation for her actions is completely implausible to the fact that the mobs on the streets act like mindelss puppets of some grander scheme that has neither aim nor purpose. In TDK the villain unleashed anarchy on the people of Gotham and they proved to be greater human beings than he ever expected them to be. In this case the aim isn’t even anarchy, yet “the people of Gotham” who suddenly look like desert mercenaries hold fake trials over people with money and power without benefitting from it in the sense that criminal structures, exploitation or inequality would really be done away with. Makes no sense whatsoever.

And yeah, what a great idea to hide the most powerful of bombs beneath a river in order to … flood it? Because you know, with all this advanced technology, water is probably going to be the biggest issue around. Urgh.

Again: I felt this was a total mess. I had hight expectations and none of them was fulfilled. I left the cinema thinking: Are they for real? I’m supposed to swallow this heap of crap as the grand finale to a great saga?

So, yep. That is why I am surprised with your opinion.

24 09 2012

Wow, you really look at films from a very unique perspective, and I understand all your points. Thanks for sharing them.

The way I see it – This is a comic book movie. And having read and enjoyed comic books for a long time, I have learnt to disregard all sense and logic in order to better appreciate the underlying message that the author wants to put across.

In this case, I was enthralled by how the presumably invincible and hi-tech Batman (who seems to be getting a bit arrogant now) is broken down (both physically and psychologically) by Bane in the most brutal and painful way possible. The story then goes on to give Batman a rebirth which transforms him into something much more powerful and profound.

That’s why I love this film. Looking forward to YOUR review! 😀

28 09 2012

Mmmh, I guess I see where you’re coming from – but I have an agree/disagree kinda relationship with your statement re: Bane. I was also looking forward to him breaking down Batman in the worst way possible…but IMHO that didn’t happen. Well he sorta broke him and tried to lock him away, but I never for one second had the impression that Bruce Wayne felt psychologically defeated. And that is what I was waiting for.

Btw, would you be interested in sharing links to our respective blogs?

3 10 2012

Oh man, Bane broke him down real bad! Batman’s head was against a rock and getting smashed like crazy. His mask was cracking apart!

I thought that trapping Batman in the pit and letting him watch Gotham’s destruction on TV was pretty nasty, especially since Batman’s dad helped to build the city.

And yes, we can absolutely share links!

25 09 2012

Anne Hathaway stole the show. Not to mention some jewelry. LOL!

25 09 2012


30 10 2012
The Hook

I LOVED this flick! My daughter and I went twice…

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