The Amazing Spider-Man – Movie Review

29 06 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man is directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer), and is marketed as “The Untold Story”. Spoiler: He gets bitten by a spider.

So it’s the same old story all over again – Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is the nerdy kid who likes a girl (Emma Stone), gets bullied in school, bitten by spider, gains super powers, fights crime, meets villain, saves the day… nothing special. The earlier portion of the movie dwells a little into Peter Parker’s parents and how they might be partially responsible for Peter Parker’s powers, but it didn’t really go anywhere important.

I love Spider-Man’s villain gallery because these dudes always have some kind of personal connection with Peter Parker himself. The baddie this time is The Lizard, a handicapped scientist who wants to regrow his missing arm. By a fatal failed experiment, he now transforms into a mini godzilla and wrecks havoc in New York City. The Lizard in monster-form thankfully does not look cartoonish, but rather believable and you can even see emotions in his face. He wears his white lab coat for a brief moment, a wink to how he looks in the comic books.

One thing I found exceptional about this movie is the music. The score of this film actually sounds a lot like the previous Spider-Man scores, but this one has its own unique hook and compliments the slick feel of the movie. I like the overall look of the movie, but the staging of certain scenes felt slightly awkward, especially during the middle act. Action scenes are frantic and hard-hitting, and I appreciate the fact that Spider-Man is capable of experiencing pain – both physical and emotional.

This reboot has nothing on the movie phenomenon that was 2002’s Spider-Man, but 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man will create a whole new generation of comic book fans like that original flick did to me ten years ago.




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29 06 2012

It does feel a bit too soon for a new spiderman but I like the two leads so will probably watch it!

29 06 2012

I like Andrew Garfield, but not sure about Emma Stone… haven’t seen any of her other movies tbh o.O

29 06 2012

Great review. I’m excited to see this tomorrow. 🙂

29 06 2012

Hope you like it!

Be sure to stay after the credits!

1 07 2012

thanks for the tip 🙂

29 06 2012
Grande Falcone

I’m thinking I’ll pass on this until the DVD. I, for one, LOVED Tobey McGuire’s performances in the last trilogy. Despite being “superhero” movies, I thought his performances were Oscar-worthy in their emotional range, and I just think the bar is too high for Garfield. This soon, especially.

29 06 2012

Ah, I can understand why some people are not excited for this new version of Spider-Man. As I said, it’s not as mind-blowing as the original, but it’s still an excellent movie on its own. I thought Andrew Garfield was great in this movie anyway…

29 06 2012
Grande Falcone

The Lizard looks awesome. I just wish they could have closed out the old one. Dark Knight Rises is where my summer’s at! 🙂

30 06 2012

I was hoping for a Spider-Man 4 but oh well…

I’m looking forward to Dark Knight Rises too!

7 07 2012
The Focused Filmographer

I am glad for the score you gave this, but was a little shocked when you stated the musical score was amazing. I found that to be one of the biggest missing parts! haha.

Hooray for this high score!

7 07 2012

Yeah I love the music, I’m giving the score a high score 😐

12 07 2012

This is a very entertaining film but the whole time I was watching it, I couldn’t stop thinking of the original series that was still bright and fresh in my mind. Then again, how couldn’t you think of Tobey, Kirsten, James, and Willem when you have a story that seems like it was written for the screen, just for them? Either way, it’s still a good movie. Good review Ipodman.

13 07 2012

Yeah I kept thinking about the original movie while watching this one, but I do think this reboot has it’s own credibility.

19 09 2012

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30 10 2012
The Hook

This was an amazing flick! Yeah, I know, but it really was amazing….

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