2PM+2AM Oneday “One day” Review

15 06 2012

2PM + 2AM = One Day? Technically, it’s only HALF a day, but whatever.

So this is not Super Junior. This is 2AM combined with 2PM, the result being one of the most underwhelming musical team-ups of all time. Sure, 2PM and 2AM are both relatively high-profile in the K-pop world and they certainly have lots of fans. Maybe it would take a non-fan to realise that this is just something cheap and wouldn’t go anywhere.

This music video seems to be focusing a lot on their suits, and the suits are all I remember anyway. I was hoping for something exciting and power-packed, but instead got a boring suit commercial. At least the boys from both groups are dancing together, although some of the dance moves look absolutely absurd. The peace sign that’s supposed to be a “2” makes me cringe whenever they do it.

One Day is simply not good, but the fans won’t agree with me.




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