DalShabet – Mr. Bang Bang – Music Video Review

6 06 2012

The 999th clone of Girls’ Generation has made a good music video!

DalShabet stars in Mr. Bang Bang, a sparkling music video that will remind you of Girls’ Generation’s Gee and Oh!. It was the time where Korean girl groups were cute and clean, yet sexy and powerful all at the same time. Most of the charm in this music video comes from the girls and not any special effects or crazy lighting. It’s the girls who capture your attention, and that’s the way it should be.

I especially love the costumes and locations of Mr. Bang Bang, and it goes to show how important the people behind the scenes of these K-pop acts are. The dancing scenes look absolutely dazzling, and the dance steps are pretty. If only the song itself had a more addictive tune a la Gee.

Mr. Bang Bang is a good exercise in K-pop, and now I have to upgrade DalShabet from “just another K-pop girl group” to “Worth watching”.



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6 06 2012
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