Wonder Girls – Like This – Music Video Review

4 06 2012

Wonder Girls is to blame for the current K-pop music craze.

If it weren’t for their all-famous anthem Nobody (nobody, but you), the kids won’t even be listening to Korean songs, much less go crazy over these girl groups and boy bands. The problem is, did Nobody get so insanely popular and widespread because it was a genuinely good song, or was it because people liked how stupid the hook sounded…

But enough with long-forgotten history. Like This is a colourful, jumpy and vibrant music video. It stays true to the WG spirit, and sounds more rounded than most other K-pop songs of its kind.

However, this music video has a major fault – it does not put enough focus on the Girls themselves. While watching the multitude of people dancing all over the place, a WG newbie will find it fairly difficult to identify the Wonder Girls themselves. Okay, so I can recognise SoHee because she looks like KARA’s Hara, but that’s about it.

Wonder Girls fans will like this more than I do.




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4 06 2012
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14 06 2012

I love this MV since they started it without chanting “JYP” or “Wonder Girls is back” or such a thing. This MV reminds me of SNSD – hahaha Samsung CF at airport, but yes, its hard to focus on the members. :mrgreen:

15 06 2012

SNSD is much better than WG! 😀

18 06 2012

Thank goodness that I’m not a WG newbie lol. I like the song and the video. 🙂

20 06 2012

Actually the song BY ITSELF is not terrible…

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