Watching Hugo on Blu-ray

22 05 2012

Transformers: Dark of the Moon was nominated for three Oscars, but got beaten in all three categories by one other movie – Hugo.

Hugo is a brilliant movie directed by Martin Scorsese that pays homage to early filmmaking and the magical qualities which movies possess. It’s no wonder critics love this movie since it’s all about what a good movie truly should be about – story and characters. It’s almost an antidote to the many over-bloated, meaningless action flicks that flood the theaters of today. However, I do believe that big action blockbusters can contain compelling stories and characters just like any other movie.

Martin Scorsese’s “first family film” is one of the best movies of recent years, and it is great on Blu-ray. Definitely pick this one up!




4 responses

29 05 2012
The Hook

Hugo was a bit slow, but wonderful nonetheless!

30 05 2012

Slowly wonderful? Wonderfully slow? o.O

15 06 2012

Great post. 🙂 I agree with The Hook that Hugo was a bit slow but still, it was magical. I loved the homage to old films. I love the classics, even those that were done in black and white/stop motion. 🙂

15 06 2012

Yeah, b&w films are great, I need to watch more of em!

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