A Pink – Hush – Music Video Review

11 05 2012

Is K-pop finally fading away? I sure hope A-Pink doesn’t go away anytime soon!

The seven girls of A-Pink are no doubt a very talented and likable bunch, so it’s really up to their management to give them suitable material that shows off their strengths. Thankfully, A-Pink has always been given songs which allow them to do what they do best – sing and dance the K-pop way. That is, with a lot of winking and pointing.

Sure, the chorus of this track sounds lame with its hook that simply repeats the same word over and over and over. But with energetic dance moves, gorgeous outfits and killer hairstyles, this music video is ultimately an enjoyable one.

With groups like Sistar and 4Minute trying to be all dangerous and “sexy”, maybe what we need is a flush of bubbly cutesy K-pop. A-Pink’s Hush is nothing new, but it’s nothing bad either.

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8 responses

9 06 2012

They’re cute. I wonder though if anyone of them ever had plastic surgery. Korean women are known for that.^___^

11 06 2012

I doubt it.

23 06 2012

Nice review, I’m glad I’m not the only who likes kpop for these type of bubbly songs! If only apink came out 3 or 4 years ago they would’ve been as big as SNSD.



So sick and tired of that. Every time there are pretty Korean girls it must be because of cosmetic surgery, because no Korean girl is naturally pretty, right?

24 06 2012

I’m sure renxkyoko didn’t mean it that way…

13 08 2012

LWEO i love you A pink 1080p GIRL

17 01 2014

wow im very saranghae you.

17 01 2014

wow im very saranghae you.

28 09 2014
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