Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol – Movie Review

1 05 2012

Director Brad Bird, best known for giving us Pixar’s animated hits The Incredibles and Ratatouille, now ventures into live action. And this guy can make a good movie.

The all-famous Tom Cruise stars in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol aka The NEW Mission Impossible! Previews show Tom Cruise climbing a building, Jeremy Renner beating up some people and lots and lots of action. Not to worry, this isn’t another overreaching, obnoxious action flick like The A-Team. This M:I contains genuine thrill and suspense, all wrapped up nicely in a clever plot and tight script.

I’m not sure if anyone can really understand all of the story, but you can certainly feel the intense atmosphere that these characters are in. Ghost Protocol has spy scenarios not seen anywhere else before, and the gadgets here are so high-tech and ridiculous, they almost become believable. I like how this movie is so incredibly suspenseful but yet has a hint of humour towards itself.

I love the dangerous and creative flavour of Ghost Protocol, and Tom Cruise still packs a punch. This Mission Impossible has been accomplished. (I couldn’t come up with a better ending line.)




6 responses

1 05 2012
Grande Falcone

Thanks! It’s in my queue.

2 05 2012

You’re welcome!

4 05 2012
The Hook

I LOVED this one!

5 05 2012

No surprise!

4 05 2012

Right on the money! Great review!

5 05 2012


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