U-KISS – DORADORA – Music Video Review

27 04 2012

I was already prepared for the worst when this music video started playing. But to my pleasant surprise, Doradora is not bad.

U-Kiss’ 2012 music video has enough power and style to make even a non-fan watch. The outfits look edgy, and those jackets actually add to the feel of the song. Locations are interestingly designed without being too over-crowded or distracting. The rotating camera that seems to be in many K-pop music videos nowadays irritate me to no end, but it has a little meaning here so I guess I’ll excuse it this time.

I can’t even remember the names of these boys but they have proved to be brilliant singers and dancers. When given suitable material, these dudes can do work. Vocals are faultless, and the rap is electrifying. I like the feet dance they do in the verse, which is better than the other feet dance in Beast’s Fiction. U-Kiss here is more hard-edged than I’ve ever seen them, but I also like the smoother, slicker U-Kiss I saw in 0330.

So I’m back on the U-Kiss bandwagon. Let’s hope I don’t get off so soon this time.




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