Watching Ben-Hur 50th Anniversary Blu-ray

15 04 2012

I didn’t get the limited edition uber box set with all the goodies but this pack has a DVD included and also a pretty cool cover. If you like watching / collecting Blu-rays, then you definitely have to check this out. Ben-Hur is an astoundingly good film, and it looks terrific on Blu-ray. I especially find the scenes involving Jesus to be interesting to watch, but the scene that everyone remembers is no doubt the chariot race scene. The very informative article on Wikipedia (link here) will make you appreciate this iconic scene even more. “Planning for the chariot race took nearly a year to complete”? O.O




6 responses

16 04 2012

I watched this for the first time last year and really enjoyed it. I bet it is great on blu ray.

17 04 2012

Yeah it is very good on Blu-ray.

17 04 2012
The Focused Filmographer

Man, I love Ben-Hur! Glad you picked it up!

19 04 2012

I’m glad too!

24 07 2012
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10 08 2013

Hi, what does this box contain? Isn’t it the box with 3 disc and the photo album?
Thank you.

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