Sistar – Alone – Music Video Review

13 04 2012

Sistar is yet another K-pop girl groups that lacks any kind of magnetism or uniqueness. (Also see: Dal Shabet, Nine Muses, Chocolat, Jewelry, April Kiss etc.)

Alone is simply nothing special. We see the four girls (Bora, Hyorin, Soyou, Dasom) dancing and singing in a totally serviceable manner, but everything here feels so bland and sleepy, I wonder how this music video even got released. The song itself isn’t remotely as catchy as K-pop tunes are known to be, neither does it sound good by any standard.

The outfits and set pieces are even worse, bringing the meaning of boring to a whole new level. Watching this music video almost made me miss their previous, more dazzling music video So Cool (which I also didn’t like). Alone reminded me of Miss A’s Touch, but at least Touch had a certain quirkiness to it.

I don’t like Sistar at all, much less the music video of Alone. I think it’s time to repeat the last line from my So Cool review: If you are not a STAR1, you can just skip this one.




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13 04 2012
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