I’m still reading Wonder Woman…

13 04 2012

This is not my entire Wonder Woman comic collection, but it’s every single issue from J. Michael Straczynski’s #601 till today (#7). Issue #601 was when they gave Wonder Woman her new costume with the long pants but the whole thing didn’t really go anywhere. JMS is a great writer, but his take on Wonder Woman was too bizarre and abstract for my taste. And then the story ruined itself when they dragged the arc out two more issues just to end it in time for DC’s massive reboot. Now Brian Azzarello (also great writer) is writing our favourite female superhero and the book has gotten a little bit better. Anyone else following this series???




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13 04 2012

I’m not following the series but I’ve always been drawn to comic book covers. I should sit down and read some. Many of my friends back home swear that I’ll really enjoy them if I just gave them a chance.

14 04 2012

Get your friends to recommend you some comics!

13 04 2012
Skadi The Slamazon

I am following it still too. I have all the ones from the reset but not from Straczynski run. Though I was in the camp of not minding the pants.

14 04 2012

I don’t mind the pants, but I still prefer no pants. Doesn’t really matter to me, she looks like Wonder Woman with or without pants anyway.

14 04 2012
Purely.. Kay

I heard the wonder woman series was great. But I’ve never had the pleasure of actually reading it myself.

14 04 2012

You made me realise that I read very little Wonder Woman. I should get more Wonder Woman books…

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