4Minute “Volume Up” M/V Review + Massive Screenshot Gallery

9 04 2012

When I first saw the teasers for Volume Up, I was thinking of how much I missed the high energy 4Minute of Muzik and Hot Issue. That spunky, jumpy vibe seemed to be lost in future works, but that’s not saying I don’t like what 4Minute has evolved into.

Volume Up is like nothing I’ve seen from 4Minute, in fact it looks like something Brown Eyed Girls would do. This music video is dark and gothic with a pinch of erotica thrown in for good measure. I appreciate that the presentation of this piece is kept relatively clean and all the shots flow smoothly. The song itself is not amazing, but at least it isn’t one of those irritating tracks where the same word is repeated over and over again.

Probably the only member known to non-4Minute fans is Hyuna, and she has a lot of screen time here, even getting huge portions of the song to herself. We’ve already seen her in something similar called Trouble Maker, but I think she comes off much better here. Haters give her flack because she is portrayed as slutty and childish in things like the controversial Bubble Pop. But if you’ve seen her outside her performances, then you will know that she’s nothing of that kind.

JiHyun has nice facial features, and I like her solo segment in the bridge. SoHyun is the forgettable one, but her singing is quite good. My favourite member JiYoon gets to show off her strong vocals, but sometimes it felt like she was just screaming, and it became a little unpleasant. There are shots of her and GaYoon towards the end of the music video that seems to be foreshadowing the already-announced “Double Yoon” sub-unit. Colour me extremely excited.

Volume Up is not perfect, but it has more than enough power and style to satisfy the fans and make everyone else curious. Turn the volume way up please.

Click on gallery below  for BIGGER images!




2 responses

28 05 2012

so hyun kinda looks like IU

29 05 2012

Does she? o.O

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