What I think of T-ara’s upcoming member changes

6 04 2012

T-ara is becoming a nine member group very soon, and it’s not even confirmed if all of the current seven members are staying on. I would say that my fandom of T-ara is definitely above average (about 80% maybe). I absolutely loved their music video for Roly Poly, and have liked most of their recent works as well. What bothers me about this member overhaul is my suspicion (read about it here) that the members within each K-pop group actually hate one another.

I’ve given much thought on this matter, and I still feel like there’s no concrete reason on how these boys and girls are assembled other than their availability and perhaps age. And then when certain members get more popular than others, surely some jealousy and hate will start brewing within the group. Especially when it comes to T-ara and the holy trinity of JiYeon, EunJung and HyoMin, the potential for jealousy and hate is so high I almost cannot believe that this group hasn’t disbanded by now.




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