Capcom vs SNK 2 Action Figures – Ryu, Ken, Kyo, Iori

21 03 2012

I never really played Capcom vs SNK 2, in fact I think I’ve only touched it once in an arcade a long time ago. This game is one of the few times you can get Ryu and Ken of Street Fighter to go against Kyo and Iori of The King of Fighters (KOF). I have always been under the impression that Street Fighter characters are lame and the KOF characters are the cool bunch, so I never got into Street Fighter as a kid. But now that I’ve wasted countless evenings playing Street Fighter IV, I guess I can see why Street Fighter is widely considered the best fighting game ever. Having said that, KOF is still awesome as well!




2 responses

29 03 2012

You don’t have Chun-Li! :O
This is very surprising!

30 03 2012

I’m hunting for Chun-Li and Akuma next!

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