2NE1 – Scream – Music Video Review

8 03 2012

2NE1’s Scream is an energetic and entertaining music video. It follows the traditional 2NE1 style of heavy electronic beats, addictive hooks and colourful set pieces, similar to Can’t Nobody or Clap Your Hands. However, I think that Scream is significantly better than most of their previous music videos because it doesn’t just throw everything in your face like I Am The Best. Rather, it knows how to control its elements and develop real rhythm.

I like how this music video lets each of the four members have their own segments where they show off their individuality. Those watching 2NE1 for the first time will be able to pick out their favourite member, although doing so may prove to be difficult. My favourite gal has always been Dara, but after watching this music video, I think I might have one foot in the Bom camp. Minzy does some eye-popping moves, and CL doesn’t over-perform as much as she does in other music videos.

There were tiny moments here and there where I was afraid things would get out of control, but thankfully there was nothing too cringe-worthy. Scream has good production value and our four ladies are great to look at.




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