Playing Street Fighter x Tekken!

6 03 2012

It’s finally in my hands… the eagerly anticipated Street Fighter x Tekken! This crossover fighter brings together two of the most distinguished and respected fighting game franchises of all time, and it is awesome. Upon tearing away the ever-irritating plastic wrapping and popping the disc into my Xbox360, I launched myself straight into arcade mode with my boys Ryu and Ken.

To my delight, Capcom has produced an extremely fun game that will excite both the hardcore fanbase and those who are not so familiar with fighting games. All the attacks look and feel smooth, and combos are easier to pull off. The tag system a la Tekken Tag Tournament is interesting and will provide hours and hours of trying out new combo possibilities.

As awesome as this game is, I have two major complains:

1) The gems system (which is some sort of RPG element) is totally redundant if you asked me. I don’t want to be thinking about my gems during a match, wondering if I’ve chosen the right ones. Furthermore, the super saiyan glow on your character when a gem is activated looks ridiculous and is totally distracting.

2) At a later date, I am expected to pay extra money to buy extra characters that are ALREADY IN THE DISC.

I don’t want to end this post on a downer, so here are some subjectively exciting screen shots I took with my camera phone. SFxTK is definitely worth picking up for all fans of the genre!




6 responses

6 03 2012

Why is the packaging always so hard to get into? I’m glad you like it!

7 03 2012

A medal should be given to those who are able to get through the plastic wrapper, heh.

6 03 2012

If i had money i would get this..but alas i lack the cash 😦

7 03 2012

What a waste! Maybe you can play it at a video game store or something… o.O

7 03 2012
The Focused Filmographer

I used to be into Tekken until I really found a new love in Soul Calibur IV. going back to Tekken after getting used to the controls for SC is incredibly difficult. My Tekken days are pretty much over.

7 03 2012

I play some SC once in a while but never really got into it… I don’t like that you have to press a button to guard!

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