Reading “Batman Noel” by Lee Bermejo

2 03 2012

Batman: Noel is a graphic novel based on the famous Charles Dickens tale A Christmas Carol, and it is everything you want a graphic novel to be. Just by looking at the cover, you can tell that the art is stylistic, intriguing, and a total treat to look at. Some pages boldly do away with panels, and I like the way the text are creatively positioned around the pages. The most astounding thing about this graphic novel is how atmospheric it is. This is the first time a book actually made me feel chilly.

Familiar faces like The Joker, Catwoman and even Superman appears in this story, and I loved every bit of them. Readers who are new to Batman comics won’t be put off because the story here is 100% standalone, but there are a few pages with stuff that the hardcore fanbase will be surprised and delighted to see.

With the relentless “New 52” reboot going on in DC at the moment, this much-needed graphic novel slows things down a whole lot and delivers a heart-warming story with compelling characters. Batman: Noel is a MUST-HAVE in every graphic novel / comic book collection!




4 responses

3 03 2012

I haven’t read many graphic novels but this one looks intriguing. I love that it is based on A Christmas Carol.

4 03 2012

It’s actually more like Batman intruding on A Christmas Carol lol.

4 03 2012
6 03 2012

Thanks, Summit10! 🙂

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