miss A – Touch – Music Video Review

21 02 2012

What’s happening to miss A?!

Good Girl Bad Girl was good, Good-bye Baby was average, and now comes Touch, probably their worst music video yet. It’s certainly not the girls’ fault, since they have proved in previous works that they can dance and sing well. It’s everything else in this music video that devalues this girl group’s talent and style.

The best K-pop dance choreographies make you want to get up and dance, and then there are those that makes you cringe at the screen. Touch is leaning more towards the latter. Touch is a softer and very awkward dance for miss A, and I don’t get it at all. The dance solo in the bridge is downright embarrassing, and all the useless special effects are not helping.

The song itself sounds sleepy and almost dead. The chorus is nowhere as catchy as K-pop tunes are known to be, the pumping electronic beat is completely out of place, and our four girls (Fei, Jia, Min, Suzy) are sadly stuck inside this lifeless track. Halfway into the music video I stopped caring about anything altogether.

Miss A looks good, everything else is not.




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22 02 2012
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