Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance – Movie Review

20 02 2012

Just like in the second Superman and Spider-Man films, the second Ghost Rider film has our hero not wanting his powers anymore! Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a psychedelic, fast-paced superhero adventure that’s much better than its predecessor.

Nicolas Cage returns as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, and the Ghost Rider himself looks amazing in Spirit of Vengeance, definitely a huge improvement over what you saw in the previous film. Now his movements feel more natural, and his skull looks way grittier and scarier. His flaming bike is awesome as always, although it’s a shame that he never does anything interesting with it. However, that’s made up for by the gigantic crane stunt that you already caught a glimpse of in the movie trailer.

The protagonist side of the cast is quite good, but the villains are laughable when they are trying to be scary. Thankfully, this sequel is aware that it isn’t meant to win Oscars, and it doesn’t try to. Spirit of Vengeance is from the duo who directed Crank, and you can certainly sense their Crank-ish style here. Action scenes are suitably frantic, with guns going off and cars crashing everywhere. It’s like a live-action video game, and whether critics like it or not, there will always be an audience for this exploitation.

This B-grade superhero flick is entertaining enough for those who just want to see the childishly awesome Ghost Rider battling bad guys. This comic book fan approves of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.




10 responses

21 02 2012
The Hook

I actually can’t wait to see this one!

22 02 2012

I can’t wait to see it again!

22 02 2012
The Focused Filmographer

I will agree that the villains are laughable as they attempt to be scary. Glad you enjoyed this one. You already know my thoughts on the film.

22 02 2012

Yeah, the villains need to be much more scarier.

23 02 2012

Argghhh I haven’t seen it yet but I have high hopes that its way better than the original movie based on the trailer. With you confirming it, I feel more confident. great review 🙂

23 02 2012

Thanks! This is definitely better than the first movie…

28 02 2012

Glad to hear that this is better than the original. I may have to give this one a look see afterall. Nice review, enjoyed checking out your blog.

29 02 2012

Thanks, 3guys1movie!

3 03 2012

Nice! Doesn’t sound too bad

4 03 2012

It’s not too bad…

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