Reading “Flashpoint” by Geoff Johns & Andy Kubert

14 02 2012


Flashpoint is DC’s “excuse” for their company-wide reboot, and it is actually pretty good. This is another one of those alternate reality stories where different versions of familiar characters will appear and the writer can go crazy because they’re not the real characters anyway. Where I think Flashpoint gets it right it that even though it’s playing out in a separate world, the story still makes you feel connected to the real DC universe. And after all, the Flash whom you are following here is the real Flash.

I like Flashpoint‘s rendition of Wonder Wonder and Aquaman, especially those bold new costumes. The story of their war and how it’s causing problems for the superhero world is interesting and makes for some epic battle scenes. But perhaps the best new character in Flashpoint is (and here comes the big spoiler…) Thomas Wayne as Batman! That shocking final panel of issue one was where I thought to myself, okay now I am on board with this nonsense. Out of nowhere comes this painful yet beautiful story of The Flash and a new Batman, which concludes with one of the most touching moments I’ve ever seen in a comic book.

Flashpoint is a great story for our Scarlet Speedster, and it’s also a great story about human love and sacrifice. Do not skip this!




6 responses

19 02 2012
The Hook

I loved Flashpoint!
But so many questions: who is the cloaked woman?
Very touching ending, though…

19 02 2012

Yeah, one of the few times you see Batman cry.

19 02 2012

what the…DC messed up our head big time!

19 02 2012

DC’s stories are getting more outrageous, especially with the reboot…

19 02 2012

exactly we know, that to compete in the market you have to ante up the game but this…

been reading these stories when I was a kid and when the NEw 52 came I though it was for the protection of the actual rights DC Comics still have in the chracters especially with the legal proceedings with Superman’s creators family. We could think that many will follow.

It’s surreal but crazy 🙂

20 02 2012

I think the reboot was to “attract new readers” and of course, to make more money.

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