F.T. Island – Severely – Music Video Review

9 02 2012

Behold, this music video is a real music video.

F.T. Island’s Severely proves once again that F.T. Island has genuine musical talent. Not only are they an actual rock band playing actual musical instruments, but the quality of their music is higher than you would expect. Lead singer Lee HongKi belts out this tune with sincere drive and conviction, even showing off his acting chops which are not bad. The entire video is well shot, and what you see on-screen flows nicely with the music, which sounds good with or without the video anyway.

I like the way that this story is presented, slow and steady with bits of dialogue here and there (even though I have no idea what they are saying). It’s nothing too complicated, but yet has enough substance to hold your attention. And just for the sake of comparison, Severely is leaps and bounds better than those overly-long, meaningless movie-MV-hybrid rubbish from T-ara. Yeah, the story aspect of this music video is done way better than that in Cry Cry or Lovey Dovey.

If F.T. Island keeps up this standard, then we have much to look forward to in the future. Severely gets a solid thumbs up from me.




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