Block B – Nanrina – Music Video Review

8 02 2012

Block B is a relatively new Korean boy band that is, well, another Korean boy band.

The problem with Nanrina is that this song and its music video is simply not good. To me, the entire track is just a relentless barrage of heavy hip-hop beats and rapid fire rapping that is all too loud and over-bloated for enjoyment. The video isn’t any better, with too many bells and whistles that prevents you from connecting with the song. Everything is thrown at you without any creativity whatsoever, resulting in what is essentially a product that’s designed to give you a club-like effect. This music video wants to be hard-edged and gangsta-cool, but the boys cannot strip away the K-pop cuteness on their faces.

If I had to find something positive about Nanrina, then I would say the dancing is alright (but barely entertaining). Block B has a whole block of fans, but I’m not one of them.

Something I find interesting about Block B’s Wikipedia page (yes, I do my research) is that the members have “Positions”. Whoever wrote the “Members” section actually came up with roles for our seven lads. Some of these include “Main Vocalist” (makes sense), “Main Dancer” (hmm…), “Visual” (this I don’t get) and “Maknae”. That last one always baffles me, it’s as if being the youngest of your group makes you extra special or indispensable. Also, beside each member’s name is “2011 – Present”. Are you expecting some of them to be leaving the group very soon?

Click the image below to see what I’m talking about!




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