Miryo – Dirty – Music Video Review

1 02 2012

Miryo from South Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G.) carves out her own persona with a trippy music video titled Dirty.

She plays a dying hospital patient who starts to imagine weird things happening around her, mostly involving her doctor and a nurse who looks like Tiffany from Girls’ Generation. The overall look of this music video is fluffy and vibrant, certainly interesting enough to hold your attention till the end. The tone of this piece is more jumpy and colourful than the usual B.E.G. affair, but it still has that mature B.E.G. flavour which fans are familiar with.

The story is pleasantly freakish and humourous at the same time, and it escalates to an epic and satisfying finale. The performance scenes flow smoothly with everything else, and the spoken portions are a nice touch. Miryo proves to be a competent and hard-edged rapper, even (*spoiler!*) flipping the bird at one point, which managed to shock me for a second. The song itself has a catchy rhythm and the infectious hook in the chorus is, well, very infectious.

I like Miryo’s bad-@$$ attitude, and I’m looking forward to whatever she’s doing next.




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2 02 2012
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