TEEN TOP “Going Crazy” / MBLAQ “It’s War” – K-pop MV Reviews

12 01 2012

So much for thinking that boy bands are going down the drain, because I LIKE these two music videos! Wow!

Teen Top and MBLAQ are two Korean boy bands that dance very well, and that’s what makes these two music videos (Going CrazyIt’s War) work. If you were to listen to these two songs on their own, they would sound like any other K-pop track out there, and you will probably forget them as soon as they’re over. However, once you add in the dance, that’s when things get real.

Which is better? MBLAQ has a little more edginess to their performance, but Teen Top’s piece seems to flow better. If I were to choose a winner, then the glorious orchestra surprise at the end of It’s War seals the victory for MBLAQ. But who cares what I think. The girls are going crazy (see what I did there) over these Korean boy bands, and it’s not hard to see why.

Both Teen Top’s Going Crazy and MBLAQ’s It’s War get very enthusiastic thumbs ups (3 stars) from me!




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