Lee Hyun “Because It’s You” / Alexander “I Just” – K-pop MV Reviews

7 01 2012

Beautifully shot and marvelously structured, Lee Hyun’s Because It’s You managed to win my heart. This dude from 8eight (that’s the name of a boy band) has some amazing vocals, certainly better than what I was expecting. I like how this music video moves along in a slow and steady manner, not rushing into anything but instead is careful in its storytelling. As I always say: Because It’s You is not mind-blowing, but it’s definitely worth watching for both the fans and non-K-poppers alike.

I don’t know why Alexander is so popular. He’s a singer formerly from U-Kiss, a show host and a model, so I guess he gets a lot of exposure and also a lot of fans. Judging from the music video of I Just, I don’t see what’s so likable about him. His singing is purely mediocre, and the dancing is nothing special. It’s no use of me continuing this review because the ‘Xander fans are going to love this music video anyway and start writing in the hate mail. If you care to leave a comment telling me why you love this guy so much, I assure you I will consider your argument seriously.




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9 01 2012
Kay aka Babygirl

Love your mini movie reviews on these movies. Although I’ve never heard of them, I love getting a fresh perspective on films :).. and you always have such great reviews

9 01 2012

Thanks! I appreciate your support, Kay 🙂

22 02 2012
Its time to start researching?

Why is he so popular??
Sorry, but you really need to get your facts straight before you write comments like that. How would you feel if that was you being bashed like that?
There is just so much about Alexander that you don’t know about so don’t be so quick to judge, really. If you would just spend more time trying to find out about him rather than writing spiteful comments like that, you will discover what you’re really missing out on. He is……so amazing that its indescribable. I am not one of those crazy fan girls who only care about idol’s looks, so when i say indescribable, I mean indescribable. He has so many sides to him, and his personality is so bright and cheerful that you just can’t bring yourself to hate him. THATS why he has so many fans, not becase of exposure or what ever you want to call it.
Yes, I can’t deny that the quality of the video is not as good as compared to others and yes, his vocal skills are not as it should be, but think of his circumstances, but of course, you wouldn’t know about that because you really just don’t care.
He has tried very hard to do the best he can with what he has, even on twitter he admitted that he wasn’t happy with his performance and said he will try harder. And what did you say to that? ” I don’t see what’s so likable about him. His singing is purely mediocre, and the dancing is nothing special.”
Wow, thats probably the most self-centred, closed minded and heartless comment I have ever read.
Bottom line is……
Please do not take this the wrong way, this is purely constructive criticism;
although I have a feeling I’m gonna get a big lashing back from you in response to this comment. But its ok, you asked for a comment and I just made sure you got one.

23 02 2012

Thanks for your comment!

You are absolutely right, I know nuts about this dude. But just judging from this music video ALONE, I don’t know why people like him. Let’s see what he does next…

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