31 12 2011

Big Bang – “Love Song”

Vastly different from the usual bubblegum drivel, BIGBANG’s Love Song is an exceptionally well-crafted piece of art.

Full Review: Click HERE

2NE1 – “Lonely”

Lonely proves that beneath all the bells and whistles, 2NE1 is no doubt a very talented girl group.

Full Review: Click HERE

T-ara – “Roly Poly”

T-ara’s Roly Poly is a captivating tale of friendship and girly fun that transcends different eras of time.

Full Review: Click HERE

After School Red – “In The Night Sky”

A.S. RED’s In The Night Sky is impressively stylistic and possesses an ineffable attractiveness.

Full Review: Click HERE

 KARA – “Step”

Energetic and vibrant, KARA’s Step will make you want to get up and dance along.

Full Review: Click HERE

HyunA – “Bubble Pop”

As uneven as it is, HyunA’s Bubble Pop has lots of enthusiastic dancing and singing you can enjoy over and over again.

Full Review: Click HERE


Other great K-pop MVs of this year:

Super Junior – “Mr. Simple” (Review HERE)

Apink – “My My” (Review HERE)

U-Kiss – “0330” (Review HERE)

4Minute – “Ready Go” (Review HERE)

SNSD aka Girls’ Generation – “The Boys” (Review HERE)


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10 responses

31 12 2011

Great rating. You post a lot of credible MV reviews this year. So useful for K-Pop newbie such as myself. Thank you, and Happy New Year! 😀

1 01 2012

Thanks for your support, jensen99!

Happy New Year to you too!

31 12 2011
Sang Hee

Nice rating. I am also newbie like jensen99. It’s really help me. Happy New yea!!! 🙂

1 01 2012

Glad I’m helping you guys out!

Happy New Year to you too!

1 01 2012
The Hook

Great shares!

2 01 2012

Thanks for your support, The Hook!

1 01 2012

I agree with this list ^.^

2 01 2012

Yay ^.^

3 01 2012

I have to thank you for introducing me to so much great new K-pop! Love your blog and reviews, keep up the good work. Oh, and happy New Year!

7 01 2012

Happy New Year to you too, Jimmy!

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