After School – Rambling Girls – Music Video Review

31 12 2011

I wonder if the title “Rambling Girls” is meant to be a self-awareness joke.

This song from After School is quite enjoyable up until the chorus hits. The “La La La” hook sounds very lame, although it started to grow on me after listening to it a couple more times. Thank goodness these girls are great dancers and have enough charisma to hold your attention. Nana remains the most memorable of the group because of her photogenic facial features and cute voice. Having said that, every other member of After School is good as well. The overall look of this music video is pleasantly clean and slick, but the lens flares can get a little irritating.

Once you get past the stupid “La La La”, Rambling Girls is no doubt a solid music video. Between this and Diva, I’ll be surprised if After School doesn’t get big in Japan.




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1 01 2012
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1 01 2012

yaaaaaaaaay you reviewed this!!!!! 😀 but you should write more, the reviews are getting really short 😦

1 01 2012

Just for you, I promise my next After School review will be longer 😀

1 01 2012
The Hook

Where do they mass-produce these acts?

2 01 2012

South Korea!

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