Winnie the Pooh – Movie Review

26 12 2011

At a suitably short 63 minutes, 2011’s Winnie the Pooh is probably the most overlooked hit of the year. This brand new adventure in the Hundred Acre Woods is fresh, creative and packed with lots of unexpectedly clever gags. The animation is top-notch, and it’s not even the 3D high-tech mojo you see in say, the Shrek films. I guess sometimes you need to slow down and rethink what really makes a good family movie. With Winnie the Pooh, you are getting a story which feels organic and keeps you interested to know what’s going to happen next. Winnie the Pooh is far from ground-breaking, but its simplicity and genuineness made me smile.




12 responses

27 12 2011
Kay aka Babygirl

I remember Winnie the Pooh and I use to LOVE the the cartoon. So I think I have to get my nephew and watch this movie with him :). Great review

28 12 2011

Thanks, Kay! I used to love the cartoon as well…

27 12 2011

It’d be awkward to see a Winnie Pooh Movie in 3D

28 12 2011

Or a live action Winnie the Pooh o.O

28 12 2011

” I guess sometimes you need to slow down and rethink what really makes a good family movie.” –Couldn’t have said it better in describing this film! Nice!

29 12 2011

Thanks, scarletsp1der!

30 12 2011

Winnie the Pooh huh? 🙂 Not a big fan of ol Winne but I love Tigger 🙂 I guess I’d have to include this in my pile of movie backlogs for 2011. 🙂 Great review

30 12 2011

Thanks, cineramaetcetra (did I spell that right?)

30 12 2011

I gotta watch this movie. I was supposed to watch it in theaters but a friend flaked on me! =[! Now you’ve made me wanna watch it at home. I will do so haha!

31 12 2011

Hope you enjoy the movie!

1 01 2012
The Hook

Interesting pick, my friend! Well done, though.

2 01 2012

Thanks, The Hook!

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