Apink – My My – Music Video Review

9 12 2011

After watching the music video of My My, I can now safely certify Apink as “worth following”.

This music video shows off the friendliness and cheerfulness of Apink which makes them special among a huge crowd of overblown K-pop girl groups. With the extremely popular acts such as SNSD (Girls’ Generation) and Wonder Girls switching to a more dangerous and sexy style, it’s nice to see a not-so-exposed group like Apink stick to what they are good at and doing it well.

The dance choreography of My My is fun and energetic, and our girls can certainly dance very well. There’s a dance solo three-quarters into this music video that is one of the best of its kind. I like the clean and smooth presentation of this music video, and I even like all the story scenes. The song itself has a very pleasant tune, keeping in step with the dreamy Apink flavour from previous tracks.

There is nothing negative to say here, except that (just like KARA’s StepMy My is what you are already expecting to see, and thus doesn’t reach that mind-blowing level. Nevertheless, My My is without doubt an excellent music video from an excellent girl group.




3 responses

9 12 2011
The Hook

Sounds like fun!

10 12 2011

Yes it is!

10 12 2011
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