Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker – Music Video Review

6 12 2011

When I first heard that Hyun Seung of Beast (B2ST) and HyunA of 4Minute would form a duo called Trouble Maker, I never really got excited about it. The sexy and dangerous concept found in the teasers have already become so common in recent K-pop that it’s nothing special anymore.

This song attempts to have an addictive and unique tune but I cannot remember what it sounds like. The only thing I recall is HyunA’s rap and some of her sexy moves which may very well be this song’s saving grace. Hyun Seung splashes out some slick moves of his own, but he isn’t as eye-catching as HyunA. I am willing to go out on a limp and say that this song would have turned out far better if it were just HyunA performing it. Come at me, Beast fans.

In the end, it’s much better if the two of them just stick with their own respective groups, but that’s not for me to decide is it. Trouble Maker looks good on paper, but it still needs some redrafting.

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8 12 2011

i agree and disagree.

the whistling and breathing, while it’s not new, i think it was genious.

i totally disagree about Hyuna’s rap and sexy moves as the saving grace. it’s Hyunseung’s vocals. while he doesn’t have the oomph and appeal like Hyuna, his voice was superb. if this was Hyuna’s solo, it would come out raunchy or even more raunchy. and Hyuna will get even more flack than she already is now.their combination was just right, both make up for what they lack: Hyunseung had the vocals and Hyuna had the sexiness.

9 12 2011

Meh… Hyunseung did nothing for me. I guess my expectations are very high because I’m looking at Trouble Maker from the ground up and cannot understand why it even exists. Did anyone ask for this? I much rather see more 4Minute and Beast songs.

9 12 2011
The Hook

Interesting closing shot…

10 12 2011


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