T-ara – Cry Cry (Ver.2) – Music Video Review

19 11 2011

I didn’t like the original music video of Cry Cry (my review here), but this second version is much better.

Unlike the over-indulgent mini-movie that was Ver.1, Ver.2 is an effective and real music video. It focuses on the song, and there is some amount of artistry involved. I know that I am watching T-ara because I can identity JiYeon, HyoMin and EunJung, EunJung being the most recognisable member thanks to her hairstyle.

The song has a groovy melody, and it’s smart to include some English lyrics so that the foreigners can at least sing the hook. The vocals in this track are impressive, especially during the chorus. Dancing is powerful and sharp, and the backup dancers don’t distract you from the girls. Be sure to look out for HyoMin, who pulls off some eye catching moves. Her outfit here is by far the best of the bunch, and that staff she’s holding makes her look even more awesome.

This dark yet lighthearted performance is in line with T-ara’s established style, and I like the overall feel of this music video. Version 2 of Cry Cry gets a very relieving thumbs up from me.




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