Watching Transformers Dark of the Moon on Blu-ray

16 11 2011

I am not exaggerating when I say that Transformers: Dark of the Moon is my favourite movie of the year (my review here), and that it is also the best Blu-ray I’ve ever seen. Not kidding. The picture is razor sharp, the colours are crisp and bold, and the sound is BOOMING (is that a word?). You can’t help but get all pumped up!!

The most unbelievably brilliant aspect of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies is the CGI. When it comes to CGI, it doesn’t get any better than this. When a gigantic robot is smashing through a building, you really believe that you are seeing a gigantic robot smashing through a building. The robots have weight, they have volume, they occupy space. More importantly, they have emotions and motives.

So if you are looking for some new material to show off your twenty thousand dollar home theater system, Transformers: Dark of the Moon comes 100% recommended. (Forget Avatar, that movie is starting to look outdated already.)




8 responses

16 11 2011

I’m sorry, but i found Dark Moon to be a mess. The characters are all one-dimensional, and sometimes it didn’t even make sense. It felt like one of the biggest wastes of talent i’ve seen on screen in a while. I wouldn’t put it anywhere near my list of favorite movies.

18 11 2011

Well, I found most of the characters to be interesting, and I like how the Autobots and humans team up to fight the Decepticons!

16 11 2011

I haven’t seen this movie. Sounds like you really enjoy it!

18 11 2011

Yes I do!

23 11 2011

Don’t have that movie centre yet 😦

24 11 2011

But you have FAR more DVDs than me!

25 11 2011
Kay aka Babygirl

I love the film but I just don’t care for the female lead. But I definitely have to check out the DVD..

26 11 2011

I’m fine with the female lead, although half of me wish that Megan Fox had stayed…

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