Brown Eyed Girls – Cleansing Cream – Music Video Review

12 11 2011

Okay, this is creepy… but creepy in a good way.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Cleansing Cream is not the usual bubblegum K-pop fare that you are accustomed to. The girls of B.E.G. don’t even appear in this music video, instead we have a mature and disturbing story which actually makes for a good short film. I like the way the events are photographed, and there are some interesting things going on with the narrative.

As a music video, I could feel certain subtle moments where the video compliments the music, but most of the time I was so enthralled by the story that I forgot a song is playing. That’s a huge problem, but I’m willing to ignore that flaw since the video managed to get a reaction out of me.

B.E.G.’s music videos often fail to impress me, but Cleansing Cream is worth the sit through.




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13 11 2011
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