Wonder Girls – Be My Baby – Music Video Review

7 11 2011

Wonder Girls’ Be My Baby plays out as a slick and smooth dance video, but it has very little magnetic value.

It could be because there is no shamelessly catchy hook like those in their previous tracks Nobody and Tell Me, or maybe it’s because this music video is deprived of colour, a bold decision that might turn out to be a bad one as well. The biggest problem is that this music video is trying too hard to be edgy and dangerous. We have a good view of the five girls dancing, and they certainly can dance really well. However, the overall feel that you get is so sluggish and dry, you cannot draw any enjoyment from anything.

For fans who can name all five of the Wonder Girls (I’m obviously not one of them), I suppose WG’s new album will keep you happy. But for everybody else, Be My Baby is less than wonderful.




4 responses

9 11 2011

The lack of color kind of killed it for me because its such an upbeat and warm song! It took a second listen for me to start liking it, but the song is good.

11 11 2011

You are right, the lack of colour sucks the energy out of the song.

20 11 2011

i looked like beyonce’s put a ring on it.

23 11 2011

Now that you mentioned it, yes it does.

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