T-ara – Yayaya (Japanese Version) – Music Video Review

30 10 2011

T-ara’s Japanese version of Bo Peep Bo Peep was better than its original Korean version, but I can’t say the same for Yayaya.

The song itself hasn’t changed at all except for the language, so that is that. The nonsensical yet highly enjoyable story in the original Korean music video has been removed, so there’s not much left to look at here. There are some newly added shots of T-ara doing random stuff, but they went by so fast that you can’t really see any of them properly.

The only redeeming quality of this music video is the dance, and even that is spoilt by an excessive number of differently staged dancing scenes jumbled together. The brand new shots with the silver outfits and painfully artificial flashing lights don’t even mix well with the rest of the video.

The Japanese version of Yayaya tries to be fresh and fun, but instead it is over-bloated and messy. The girls are cute, but this music video is not.




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19 11 2011

I agree.

20 11 2011

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