After School – Diva (Special ver.) – Music Video Review

30 10 2011

If you didn’t know better, you would think that you were watching Girls’ Generation… and I won’t blame you, because all these Korean girl groups look the same anyway.

The all-new “Special Version” of Diva looks a lot like Girls’ Generation’s Mr. Taxi, but this is actually a better music video. The backgrounds might seem a little boring, but at least they don’t distract you from the girls of After School – which is what you came to see in the first place. I appreciate that there are no headache-inducing camera movements, so you can fully and clearly see the eight ladies dancing. Be prepared for lots of Kahi, and be sure to check out Nana’s hair.

Although this outing is low on surprises, the energetic song and dance will keep you watching till the end. After School’s “Special Version” of Diva gets a moderate thumbs up from me.




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30 10 2011
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19 11 2011

hmmmmmm, the outfits were a little weird and kahi got too many lines but it was ok 🙂
they’re getting really bashed in japan though 😦 cmon i like this song!!!! ❤

20 11 2011

I like this song too ❤

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