Secret – Love is MOVE – Music Video Review

23 10 2011

Secret’s Love is Move is not their best work, but it’s not their worst either.

I must give huge props to the people managing Secret for returning them to their energetic and super-charged form. After the laid-back and relaxed Starlight Moonlight (which I didn’t love), Love is Move throws us back into the crazy body-shaking spell of Magic and Madonna. Our four girls (Hyosung, Zinger, Jieun, Sunhwa) are great dancers, and I like the natural feel of their performance.

Unfortunately, the song itself is not very innovative and the video is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, you feel like you’ve already seen this a thousand times before. I think this music video is trying to do something like Magic or Madonna, but throw in even more lights and crazy outfits to make everything look flashier. The result is something that’s visually entertaining, but empty at the core.

Love is Move won’t convert anyone into a Secret fan. But if you just love your Secret, then this is another track you can add to your playlist.




2 responses

26 10 2011
The Hook

There must be a big market for groups like this, since their number appears to be growing every day. Your passion for these sirens shines in your review. Nicely done.

27 10 2011

I’ve been writing a lot on this kind of thing haven’t I… o.O

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