FT Island – Like The Birds – Music Video Review

19 10 2011

Big Bang’s Love Song did it, and then After School Red’s In The Night Sky did it too. Now it’s F.T. Island’s turn to do the post-apocalyptic-desert thing for their music video of Like The Birds, and it is quite good.

I admit that I’m not familiar with this South Korean rock band, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The five boys of F.T. Island are the pretty type that appeals to young girls, and guess what, they are playing musical instruments. Now this is interesting, and frankly very weird because I’m not used to K-pop groups having any credibility to themselves. I don’t consider their instrumental skills to be outstanding, but they certainly conquered my low expectations.

The song itself has a nice tune, and I like the energetic and jumpy feel of this music video. If you are sick of the dancing K-pop boyband (Super Junior etc.), F.T. Island is a welcome change of scenery.




2 responses

26 10 2011
The Hook

Sounds cool. Good work.

27 10 2011

Thanks, Hook.

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