Orange Caramel – Shanghai Romance – Music Video Review

16 10 2011

Shanghai Romance is a music video from Orange Caramel that doesn’t give you much to be excited about. I absolutely loved After School RED’s In The Night Sky, but Shanghai Romance does not come close. Sure, the Chinese theme is something new, but the gimmick does not last.

I sense some kind of story going on somewhere but it isn’t prominent or memorable. The outfits and set pieces all look good, but Shanghai Romance could have made better use of its premise. Thank goodness there are lots of dancing scenes mixed with the usual cutesy acting, so at least I get to see a lot of the three girls (Raina, Nana and Lizzy). Crowd favourite Nana is (once again) the one to watch, and she adds a little more charm to this lukewarm music video.

For Orange Caramel fans, Shanghai Romance contains just enough juice to quench your thirst. But if you find yourself yawning halfway through the song, then you know this isn’t for you.




5 responses

17 10 2011

I like the last screenshot 😀

19 10 2011

I take pride in snapping the best screenshots 😐

27 10 2011

who’s the guy featured in the MV??

27 10 2011

I have no idea.

11 04 2012

ui minhyun trong nay dep trai qua di

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